Coffee Talk

30 Years and Counting

Caffe Beano is located in the heart of Calgary’s 17th avenue, in business for over 30 years (since 1990) we are dedicated to serving coffee 365 days a year. Voted as best coffee shop in Calgary for many years, we pride ourself on traditional coffee and homemade baked goods, that sell out daily.

We are a popular coffee shop with a relaxing atmosphere that is welcoming to everybody. It’s always interesting at Beano, if you are people watching, reading, knitting, painting, or writing it’s a cafe that inspires ideas and conversation.

Whether you’re looking for your daily morning fix, a new weekend spot to relax with the family, or a late night place to take that special someone on a date. We are aiming to be a part of your day that’s enjoyable.

The eclectic cafe is a daily ritual for many, it has been described as a “caffeinated community center” and “an institution.” Caffe Beano is where the conversation spills out from inside the cafe, onto the street. Every single day.

A Meeting Place

Calgary's Hangout

Where conversation is valued, people from all walks of life come to share ideas, create new friendships, and drink the best coffee in the city! We are a unique cafe, that has established itself as a stronghold in Calgary. We love what we do, and are genuine in our approach as a gathering place for Calgarians.

We are dedicated to sustainable business practices and are a LEAF certified cafe, as well as a member of REAP Calgary. We compost our own waste, recycle plastic, cardboard, and provide environmentally friendly products for drinking coffee and eating food.

We have had the opportunity to sponsor numerous community events and non profit organizations including Word Fest, Food for thought, Sled Island, and CJSW Calgary.

Our community work extends through to providing silent auction items to various charities and providing coffee and baked goods to organizations that are working towards a neighborhood that we are proud to be a part of.

It’s an honor to be a part of a community that values the importance and potential that supporting local and small business’s can bring to a city. We’d like to take a moment to say thank you. You are what makes it easy to wake up at 6am.

Get Baked in House

We Proudly Serve Local

You can taste the difference in our homemade baking. We use high quality ingredients, and purchase locally whenever we can. We believe that supporting local, organic, and fairly traded ingredients is essential in supporting the communities in which we operate. Our baking is made fresh daily, and if you arrive at 6am on a weekday, the muffins are still warm from the oven.

Our Cowboy Cookie might be developing a cult following, so consider that your warning. In the summertime our chocolate espresso milkshake has been hailed one of the 25 best things to eat in the city. (Did we mention Bernard Callabaut chocolate is used in all of our baking and chocolate drinks)

Our Breakfast Sandwhich is made on the spot, with gluten free options available. It’s served open face with grainy mustard, mozzarella cheese, coppa, chipolinni onions, and a sunnyside egg.

If you need a final reason, we serve a rich dark espresso blend that is roasted specifically for Caffe Beano, our Baristas make it the way you like it, and it’s undeniably going to change the way you think of your homemade cappuccino.

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  • For hours during pandemic please check instagram for details.

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  • For hours during pandemic please check instagram for details.